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  Share Youtube Clone PHP Script Full Free Download

Bài viết được duyệt bởi PuaruVN
Đăng ngày :27.05.2016 / 20:18[TOP]
Super Moderator

Youtube Clone PHP Script Description:
With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate video script for starting your highly profitable video sharing community website just like the big boys: Youtube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, or Google Video.

ClipShare Pro Features:

Upload Progress Bar
Getting bored while uploading big files? Then you need this. Live progress bar with several statistics like: Percent, File Size, Downloaded KBytes, Elapsed Time, Estimated Time Left, Estimated Speed (KB/sec).

Background Process Video Conversion
Video Conversion can now be performed in a background server process. After a successful upload, the member doesn’t have to wait (loading the page) until the conversion process is finished; he is instantly redirected to a Success page, while the video is converted in the background, and will become available on the website when ready. This solves many timeout problems experienced while uploading/converting big files.

Video Approval
The administrator(s) can now choose to Approve Videos before they appear on the website. This function can be turned on or off.

RSS Feeds
Offer several RSS feeds for categorized groups of videos (most recent, top rated, most discussed, etc).

Member Profile Avatars
Members can now add their picture (avatar) to their profile.

Video Conversion Configuration
Configure different conversion related settings: video resample, resample width & height, sound quality (rate), video bitrate, delete original videos, etc.

Stats Box
Show different website stats like: total public videos, total private videos, total members, total online members, etc.

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